16m M400 aluminum mast installation in Estonia

Before the autumn storms, a 16m high mast was installed in the port of Ruhnu, the mast solution produced by Aerial OY is very light, about 5 Kg/m, and it can be lifted on the hinges with two men. The mast can also be climbed for maintenance.

The same mast solution is also suitable for roofs and for installation at lower heights without wires.

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Ruckus Networks offers Intang Iris pre-sales support software.

Intang Iris is pre-sales planning software where it is easy to select all Ruckus devices and calculate prices and optimize the configuration. The software makes it easy to calculate the cost of the entire solution and also plan support and other licenses.

The software includes support for all Ruckus Wireless and Wired products, which makes planning significantly easier when it comes to large offerings and complex configurations. The Ruckus equipment …

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Ruckus ICX-7150-C08PT compact switch with extended temperature resistance

Ruckus' compact ICX7100 switches are without a vent, the new model is an 8-port PoE switch with extended temperature tolerance -40C - 65C, so it is designed for places where there is no heating or proper cooling. Thus, the switch is good to use in outdoor cabinets, basements, industry, attics, etc. Siwtch has no open vents where dust can accumulate.

The following picture shows the connections and the cooling panel …

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Yagna Ruckus heatmap planner.

In addition to Zoneplanner, Ruckus is offering a new solution based on Yagna Wi-Fi Planner, a web-based Wi-Fi network planning software. The advantage is definitely the constant updating of the software and the parameters and information of all Ruckus devices.

The product is priced very flexibly, according to the plans made per year, so if you only need to make 10 plans a year, it is also suitable for a …

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Data exchange between Zabbix monitoring software and Ruckus IoT server tested.

Ruckus IoT software provides the ability to connect four wireless standard IoT devices to Ruckus Wi-Fi APs. The standards are BLE, Zigbee, LoRa and of course Wi-Fi.

This week we tested the compatibility between the Zabbix monitoring software and the Ruckus IoT, we recorded the data for a few days from a Zigbee 3.0 sensor.

Zabbix allows alarms and monitoring to be brought to the management of an IT department …

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Wi-Fi roaming protocols.

Wi-Fi roaming means moving from one customer's base station to another in the territory and maintaining a connection during the base station switching process. Thus, the term is slightly different in mobile communications, where the same thing is understood as handover, but it is not very critical in mobile communications, because the density of base stations is hundreds of times higher in the mobile communications network.

The history of Wi-Fi …

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Working with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi devices at a major event is risky.

Here are some measurements in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz coverage area from the Saku Great Hall at Robotex 2019 competition. The following 2.4 GHz graphs clearly show that the latency (measured on a wi-fi network from an AP to a client) reaches up to 480ms and the median is 81ms, which means that in half of the cases the latency is greater than 81ms. This situation is caused by 2.4 …

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Ruckus released Unleashed software 200.8.

In January 2020, a new Unleashed software update 200.8 was released.

In addition to the new features described here, some special features are now revealed:

The following 802.11ac Wave1 APs are no longer supported in Unleashed 200.8 and later:

• R310
• R500
• R600
• T300
• T300e
• T301n
• T301s

If there are any fore mentioned APs in the system, an alert will be issued during the …

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Configuring Ruckuse ICX 7150 LAG ports.

Ruckus ICX switches support port aggregation, suitable configuration commands include:

ICX7150-24 Switch#configure terminal

ICX7150-24 Switch(config)#lag esimene dynamic id 1

ICX7150-24 Switch(config-lag-esimene)#ports ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/2

ICX7150-24 Switch(config-lag-esimene)#exit

ICX7150-24 Switch# write memory

show configuration:

lag esimene dynamic id 1
ports ethe 1/1/1 to 1/1/2

show interface brief:

Port Link State Dupl Speed Trunk Tag Pvid Pri MAC Name
1/1/1 Down None None None 1 No 1 0 xxx
1/1/2 Down None …

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The Ruckus ICX 7850 is designed for aggregation of large networks and servers. It supports next generation Ethernet speeds with 10/25 Gbps at the aggregation and 40/100 Gbps at the core. Switching capacity up to 6.4 Tbps per switch. RUCKUS ICX 7850 is available with different port configurations.

Three basic models with 100 Gbps ports. has chosen Ruckus as the best switch of 2019 ahead of its competitors. Participated …

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