You can get 1Gbps with radio links!
You can get 1Gbps with radio links!

Due to the Covid19 situation and working from home, it is increasingly important for people to have high-speed internet at home even in remote locations. In most cases, if the fixed line has not reached the desired location, it is too expensive to do. The mobile network may also be lacking speed and stability. We recommend to consider a high-speed professional radio link!

One customer living on the north coast of Estonia just made this choice and ordered the implementation from 3KGroup. He saw from his place a remote mast where the radio link could be placed and from where it was possible to have a fixed line from Tele2. We chose professional radio links that can achieve speeds of up to 1.5Gbps on the free frequency of 4.9-6.2 GHz according to the specification.

We installed a 6m pipe mast on the customer's side, the larger mast was visible through the trees and the connection to the house was continued with a cat7 cable. The devices do not have a very high wind resistance, the control device has a 27cm longer side and the added directional antenna has a diameter of about 35cm. Implementing them over 4km jump went without problems, the speed is between 1-1.3Gbps. The manufacturer's requirement is that the device's power cord (PoE power supply) be no longer than 100 meters. In the case of this installation, this limit almost came to the fore - the ethernet port of the link initially came up with 100Mbps. Only after removing the cable surplus did we reach the allowed 100 meters, and the port was able to start working at 1Gbps.

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