3K Wi-Fi Quality agent software
3K Wi-Fi Quality agent software

Problems in Wi-Fi and fixed networks are varied and assessing quality is becoming increasingly difficult as the size of the network grows. For example, when moving over a large area, the quality of the network can vary greatly, as does the load and the amount of interference over time. We have developed a solution that can be implemented quickly and is reliable and transparent.

Our solution is to install stationary or mobile monitoring stations on the site, which run in Windows 10 or OSX environment and allow to collect all the information in the monitoring system. Often the object is large and it makes sense to install dozens of monitoring stations that behave similarly to the average customer.

Since the information is all collected in a central server database, it is also possible to monitor and analyze the data for a longer period of time, and the information can also be used to prevent problems if the trend shows deterioration. Why is the solution significantly different from manufacturer-based wi-fi monitoring? This solution simulates a real user environment with open source software, so there are no fake measurements.

wi-fi jõudluse jälgimien mobiilsest hotspotist

The graphs show the wi-fi agent on the tablet connected to the hot spot of the smartphone, the currently connected AP mac and SSID and the required speed parameters. The times and speeds of the ping are currently determined by the speed of Elisa's mobile internet.

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