Bumbee Labs Wi-Fi analytics software.
Bumbee Labs Wi-Fi analytics software.
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Bumbee Labs software provides a Wi-Fi analytics solution (such as trade analytics) using signals from customers' Wi-Fi devices. The system monitors the movement of customers on the site through mobile phones and generates the necessary statistics for management optimization. The customer does not need to be logged in to the Wi-Fi network. The entire solution is EU GDPR certified and does not violate user rights. Accurate statistical methods ensure 95-98% accuracy and allow better analysis of the use of shopping centers, transport and urban space.

The system is free from the problems of randomizing mac addresses of phones and uses sophisticated statistical methods to achieve an accurate result.

It is a Bumbee Labs AB cloud solution that works with Ruckus Wireless APs and OpenWRT compatible open Wi-Fi access points, which we have developed with the developers of Bumbeelabs. You can choose between indoor and outdoor units. Often, Wi-Fi devices are only used for counting customers on site and do not need to provide Wi-Fi service. The best solution, of course, is to combine analytics and network service.

What do we measure? The shops are very interested in the number of guests, how long they stay in the center, in which parts of the shop they visited, what are the trajectories of people's movements. In urban space or air transport, the trajectories of human movements are very important, as well as the times when one or another resource was used.

Bumbee Labs uses modern statistical methods and system settings to achieve very high accuracy in measuring user behavior.

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