What's new in Unleashed 200.9?

The beginning of September brought us an upgrade of Ruckus Unleashed software, version 200.9 will is available for download from Ruckus web..

What's new?

The most anticipated is the support for Ruckus's new Wi-Fi6 APs. 200.8 had R750, now the list is much longer:

R850, R750, R650, R550, T750, T750SE

Unleashed 200.9 has some UMM Support enhancements:

  • WebSocket Support
  • ICX Config Upgrade / Backup-Restore /
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    What can you do with Ruckus Cloud?

    Ruckus Cloud is a cloud-based Wi-Fi network management tool with AP-based licensing and maintenance fees. European users can choose EU based cloud to keep data in the EU. The Cloud is suitable for users who need to manage networks in multiple locations, such as restaurant chain, and who do not want to set up and manage their Wi-Fi network controller. Instead, you can log in to the web environment or …

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    What is an universal AP?

    The same physical AP has 4 management platforms, free Unleashed up to 128 AP-s, controller, cloud and Smartzone with up to 30000 AP-s.

    Ruckus takes pride in protecting client's investments - once you have purchased their AP, there are several different options for its use: standalone, controller, cloud or unleashed mode. For example, if you have initially selected cloud management for your AP and your policy requires at some …

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    Guest access with social media sign in.

    Ruckus has extensive capabilities to authenticate users on guest networks via social media. For example in Unleashed you can use Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, WeChat for self sign in. Here's how to set it up.


    Unleashed > Create WLAN

    Click on Advanced at the bottom and you can choose which login options to use.

    Ruckus Cloud

    In Ruckus Cloud, start with 'Networks', 'Add Network'.Enter the desired name for the …

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    Installing Virtual SmartZone with Linux KVM.

    Virtual SmartZone can be installed on both VMWare and Linux KVM virtualization environments. The Linux layer gives the server more performance and here we describe how the command line installation process was performed on one piece of hardware from the start. First make sure that you enable CPU virtualization capability from the hardware BIOS. Other hardware requirements are min 13GB RAM, 2-4CPU, 100GB SSD.

    Ruckus recommends CentOS 7 or later …

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    Unleashed 200.8 and 200.7 received updates that improve network speed.

    Unleashed 200.8 and 200.7 received a software update in June 2020 that removes some security vulnerabilities and improves download speeds on some client devices. supports following AP-s:

    Indoor AP:

    C110, H320, H510, M510, R310, R320, R500, R510, R600, R610, R710, R720.

    Outdoor AP:

    E510, T300, T300e, T301n, T301s, T310c, T310d, T310n, T310s, T610, T610s, T710, T710s.

    The following release builds can be directly online upgraded to Unleashed version …

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    First you need to start the SNMP agent in smartzone and set the community (password).

    Now you need the MIB files ja SNMP OID documentation, wich is at the end of the post. Although today the ready-made SNMP tool is mostly used, this example is made under Linux to show the structure and performance of Smartzone MIB in more detail.

    apt-get install snmp #copy the ruckus mibid to the correct…
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    Virtual SmartZone 5.2 is out now and we tested WPA3 with it.

    Virtual SmartZone has recently received an update 5.2, which allows among other things the introduction of WPA3. We tested and it worked, here's how to configure it.

    WPA3 supports Wave2 APs such as R320, R510, R610, R710 and larger, the list can be viewed here.

    We had to create a new zone for testing that would only include devices that support this update:

    Wireless LANs -> Create Zone…

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    Captive Portal option.

    A Captive Portal is a website that directs users who have joined the wifi network to authenticate themselves in order to access the Internet or another network.

    This is a common solution, for example, at airports, cafes and hotels, where the user has to enter their e-mail address or a username and password previously shared with them to use the network.
    Prior to successful authentication, access to the Internet is …

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    R730 802.11ax Wi-Fi Samsung S10 speed 1Gb/s

    We performed a speed test on the R730 802.11ax AP and Samsung S10 using the Ruckus Speedflex App. Uplink speeds are in the 1Gbps class and downloads remain in the 400-500 Mb / s class, this difference is due to the phone's ability to handle high speeds. It is probable that such speeds have never been tested at the manufacturer.

    SpeedFlex live test in 3k office Tallinn

    The R730 is …

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