ICX switch management with virtual SmartZone

Like all Ruckus Access Points, the Ruckus ICX switch can be managed using the Virtual SmartZone platform. In this post, we'll look at how to add an ICX switch to vSmartZone and what the management platform interfaces are.

Preparations on ICX

First, the firmware of the ICX switch must be updated to 08.0.90a- To update the switch, you must first download the software from, use the scp or tftp …

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Configuring Zero Touch Mesh on Ruckus Unleashed APs

Ruckus Unleashed is a highly capable controller-free WiFi management platform that allows you to connect up to 50 Access Points and generate coverage for up to a thousand customers. In this post, we'll look at how to add an Unleashed network to an AP that isn't connected with a data cable, but communicates with other APs on the same network over the air, increasing network coverage to places where the …

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ZoneFlex R610 80.11ac W2 test

The R610 is the second most popular Ruckus AP in Estonia and is suitable for larger companies and Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces. It is a 3: 3x3 MIMO device with a very precise BeamFlex + controllable directional antenna solution.

In fact, there are no 3x3 MIMO client devices on the market. However, the BeamFlex + random directional antenna has a significantly better number of directional diagrams and zero position …

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Ruckus ICX switch setup.

Creating access

First, we connect to the ICX switch through the console. We make the physical connection with a standard USB cable with a USB-C connector on the switch side, the same cable used to charge newer phones.

The first setting is to assign a management IP to the switch and activate the web interface. Mgmt IP becomes, subnet /24, gateway and we create a certificate.

ICX7150-C12 Switch>enable…

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Unleashed AP first setup.

Ruckus controller-free Wi-Fi Unleashed AP is very easy to set up. The initial setup on a mobile or computer only takes a few minutes. (UNLEASHED Wi-Fi network supports 50 APs and 1000 users)

First, download the Ruckus Unleashed app from the App Store or Google Play. You can find the app here (Google Play) or here (App Store).

Then launch the Ruckus Access Point, after which the AP creates a

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Warranty and support for Ruckus products.

Many Ruckus products come with a term "Limited Lifetime Warranty". In this post, we'll talk more about what exactly it is, what are the restrictions and what the law is.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty comes with Ruckus ICX Switches, Unleashed Indoor APs, ZoneFlex Indoor APs, and ZoneDirector devices. Outdoor APs, SmartZone SZ-100 and SZ-300 are covered by a "1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty".

The Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) applies only …

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802.11ac MESH tests.

We conducted tests in our office to assess the capacity of the MESH network. To do this, we chose two Ruckus R610 APs, which we usually use to create a WiFi network at various events. You can read more about this AP here:

Mesh capability is available on all Ruckus APs except the 300 series APs.

For the test, we created a Mesh network between the two R610s, …

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MESH 6G: wireless interconnection of AP-s.

Although MESH connections have been in use since the second generation of Wi-Fi, it's only with the advent of the 6G 802.11ax standard has a new quality emerged. MESH connections are required for temporary networks or in cases where the cable network cannot be transported to all locations and it is necessary to expand the coverage area in just one part of the room, but the cabling work is complicated. …

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Why prefer an airtime busy graph in spectrum analysis.

Virtual Smartone allows you to perform spectrum analysis of all APs (Troubleshooting menu), regardless of the location of the APs. In addition to spectrum analysis, the client's 802.11 protocol behavior can be diagnosed when it cannot access the network. In addition, WIRESHARK packet streams from both the AP and the tunnels can be stored.

Spektri hõivatus -85dB signaalitasemel

But why is the airtime graph so much better than just looking …

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IoT device integration service.

Most standards-compliant wireless IoT devices can be connected to the Ruckus IoT solution. Some devices also have plug-ins for servers that use some vendor-specific features.

3kgroup helps partners do process analytics and systems analysis, and with the help our engineers you have a fully integrated IoT solution of your own.

Managing IoT devices is similar to managing Wi-Fi APs from an IoT server. By pairing the device, the server recognizes …

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