3K Wi-Fi Quality agent software

Problems in Wi-Fi and fixed networks are varied and assessing quality is becoming increasingly difficult as the size of the network grows. For example, when moving over a large area, the quality of the network can vary greatly, as does the load and the amount of interference over time. We have developed a solution that can be implemented quickly and is reliable and transparent.

Our solution is to install stationary …

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Comparison of WiFi 6 802.11ax and WiFi 802.11ac in real life.

We wanted to see with our own eyes the effect of the various innovative technologies used in WiFi 6 and how it affects the end-user experience.

We compared WiFi 6 devices with the previous 5th generation WiFi devices. WiFi access points or access points were under testing. We did not change any devices other than APs during the test.

Our test

In our test we used a WiFi 6 (ax

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Data exchange between Zabbix monitoring software and Ruckus IoT server tested.

Ruckus IoT software provides the ability to connect four wireless standard IoT devices to Ruckus Wi-Fi APs. The standards are BLE, Zigbee, LoRa and of course Wi-Fi.

This week we tested the compatibility between the Zabbix monitoring software and the Ruckus IoT, we recorded the data for a few days from a Zigbee 3.0 sensor.

Zabbix allows alarms and monitoring to be brought to the management of an IT department …

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Wi-Fi roaming protocols.

Wi-Fi roaming means moving from one customer's base station to another in the territory and maintaining a connection during the base station switching process. Thus, the term is slightly different in mobile communications, where the same thing is understood as handover, but it is not very critical in mobile communications, because the density of base stations is hundreds of times higher in the mobile communications network.

The history of Wi-Fi …

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Ruckus released Unleashed software 200.8.

In January 2020, a new Unleashed software update 200.8 was released.

In addition to the new features described here, some special features are now revealed:

The following 802.11ac Wave1 APs are no longer supported in Unleashed 200.8 and later:

• R310
• R500
• R600
• T300
• T300e
• T301n
• T301s

If there are any fore mentioned APs in the system, an alert will be issued during the …

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Configuring Ruckuse ICX 7150 LAG ports.

Ruckus ICX switches support port aggregation, suitable configuration commands include:

ICX7150-24 Switch#configure terminal

ICX7150-24 Switch(config)#lag esimene dynamic id 1

ICX7150-24 Switch(config-lag-esimene)#ports ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/2

ICX7150-24 Switch(config-lag-esimene)#exit

ICX7150-24 Switch# write memory

show configuration:

lag esimene dynamic id 1
ports ethe 1/1/1 to 1/1/2

show interface brief:

Port Link State Dupl Speed Trunk Tag Pvid Pri MAC Name
1/1/1 Down None None None 1 No 1 0 xxx
1/1/2 Down None …

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ZoneDirector and Unleashed security vulnerabilities.

A number of security vulnerabilities are found on the ZoneDirector and Unleashed product lines. Collectively, these vulnerabilities allow an attacker to perform the following actions:

  • Unauthenticated, remote code executions and unauthorized command line interface (CLI) and shell access
  • Command injections
  • Unauthenticated stack overflow
  • Unauthenticated arbitrary file writing
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
  • Ruckus Networks is releasing the fix for these vulnerabilities through a software update. Because these are CRITICAL issues, all …

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    LTE enabled AP M510 setup on SmartZone.

    With Ruckus M510 can create a Wi-Fi network that is able to connect to the Internet via a cellular network or a wired network and switches between those when needed. The AP can also work as an uplink for other Ruckus wireless or wired equipment.

    Here's how to get the M510 Ruckus working with your SmartZone controller.

    Pairing with SmartZone

    It comes with standalone software and you can configure SmartZone …

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    ICX 8p switch PoE capability tested.

    The power consumption described in the equipment specifications must be taken into account when designing the networks, as some of the required functions will be lost when the equipment is switched on at a lower power (for example, the Ruckus R720 only has one of the four antennas in each frequency band). The following applies if you need to temporarily add a device to the network or if it is …

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    Ruckus UNLEASHED captive portal.

    Ruckus UNLEASHED software enables a wide variety of centrally managed guest login methods for small and medium-sized businesses, with support for different guest passwords and social media.

    However, it is often necessary to create your own guest portal, where, for example, you ask the customer to browse a Facebook page or perform other operations. This guide provides the simplest guide to the WiSPR guest portal.

    First define the Ruckus network …

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