3KGroup and Plume are inviting to a webinar!

How to be many steps ahead and future proof your internet service offering? Why now is a good time to start offering new value add to basic internet service? With the help of what innovative platform it is possible to offer internet services that adapt to the digitalization of society?

To answer these questions 3KGroup and Plume are organizing a joint webinar for Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communications service …

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Intelligent Wi-Fi services platform by Plume and 3KGroup

Spring is a great time for new beginnings. We are happy to announce that 3K Group has joined hands with truly innovative company Plume Design, Inc!
In addition to the long-standing cooperation with the high-end Wi-Fi solution provider Ruckus (now part of Commscope), we are now also introducing Plume intelligent Wi-Fi services platform for Finnish and Baltic communication service providers.

Our goal is to help our partners easily solve …

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Industry Impact award winner: Ruckus CommScope

Wi-Fi Alliance® welcomes 2020 honorees into our Wi-Fi Alliance Hall of Fame. This series highlights the companies and individuals who have brought invaluable contributions to the Wi-Fi® industry, and have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to advancing the Wi-Fi Alliance mission to connect everyone and everything, everywhere.” Read more on this year’s winners.

The Industry Impact Award recognizes outstanding member companies who have provided sustained service to Wi-Fi Alliance and made significant contributions to our mission …

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What is Ruckus BeamFlex+ ?

Why are there interferences on the Wi-Fi network and where do they come from? 

IT support people and system administrators have another sophisticated technology in their hands to captivate user interest. But why is it so complicated? If the following is boring to read, give this text to your IT manager, but I still recommend that you read it, because I have been dedicated to this topic for 20 years …

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VoWiFi Voice Over Wi-Fi

Voice over WiFi

As the name suggests, VoWiFi is a solution where a mobile network call is made using a WiFi network. This means that the phone does not use a 4G / 3G / 2G(Edge) mobile network to make calls, but a WiFi connection or wireless internet. It is therefore a service that supports and in some cases replaces the mobile network.

A similar VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) solution …

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