What is an universal AP?

The same physical AP has 4 management platforms, free Unleashed up to 128 AP-s, controller, cloud and Smartzone with up to 30000 AP-s.

Ruckus takes pride in protecting client's investments - once you have purchased their AP, there are several different options for its use: standalone, controller, cloud or unleashed mode. For example, if you have initially selected cloud management for your AP and your policy requires at some …

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Crowd Alert System from Bumbee Labs.

Bumbee Labs has now a new product to be useful in case of restrictions for crowd gatherings.

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Virtual SmartZone 5.2 is out now and we tested WPA3 with it.

Virtual SmartZone has recently received an update 5.2, which allows among other things the introduction of WPA3. We tested and it worked, here's how to configure it.

WPA3 supports Wave2 APs such as R320, R510, R610, R710 and larger, the list can be viewed here.

We had to create a new zone for testing that would only include devices that support this update:

Wireless LANs -> Create Zone…

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Captive Portal option.

A Captive Portal is a website that directs users who have joined the wifi network to authenticate themselves in order to access the Internet or another network.

This is a common solution, for example, at airports, cafes and hotels, where the user has to enter their e-mail address or a username and password previously shared with them to use the network.
Prior to successful authentication, access to the Internet is …

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Ruckus Unleashed soft 200.8 released in February 2020.

In the February 2020, Ruckus released a new Unleashed soft 200.8.

What new things can you do?

  • Manage Ruckuse ICX switche
  • Filter URLs in web traffic (requires license per AP)
  • WPA3 is supported
  • The first phase of GDPR can be implemented
  • Options have been added to the command line
  • Authorization with Google
  • Application recognition in traffic analysis
  • The 200.8 will also be able to increase the current max 50AP to …

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    Configuring Zero Touch Mesh with Virtual SmartZone

    Mesh network

    With Zero Touch Mesh, it is possible to expand your WiFi coverage without having to carry data cables. It is sufficient if the new Access Point is within range of an existing AP. Such a network is called a Mesh network, and the APs in the Mesh network communicate with each other over the air, not over cables.
    It is possible to build Mesh networks only, as well …

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    Ruckus Unleashed network management

    Ruckus Unleashed is a very user-friendly product, both for the end user due to the excellent quality of WiFi and for the administrator who is responsible for network management and is responsible for what happens online.

    Ruckus Unleashed controller-free networks can be managed in many different ways. The first, most common method is to be connected to the same network and manage the network locally through a web browser.
    Another, …

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    Virtual Smartzone Highscale setup

    Here is a short video on how to install a Virtual Smartzone server from the beginning, an example is based on Hyper-V. Definitely not to forget the control NAT IP address, which is the external address of the control interface if the server is behind NAT, this can be done in the web and in the CLI:

    vscg# config
    vscg(config)# ip control-nat [NAX box public IP]
    vscg(config)# end

    In addition, it should be …

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    SMARTZONE Dataplane

    The SmartZone platform allows the customer's SSID-based traffic to be tunneled into various systems, using Ruckus' own virtual machine-based tunneling devices, Ruckus physical tunnel concentrators and third-party devices.

    For large customers, traffic tunneling is a very effective solution, for example, you do not need a router and firewall in every small store, these services can be created centrally. A solution is also needed by the telecom operator to maintain the …

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    Ruckus Virtual Smartzone Highscale

    SmartZone is a modern network device management system that allows you to manage 30,000 devices and 300,000 simultaneous Wi-Fi clients from one cluster. Wi-Fi and conventional offices themselves are locally viable, and even Wi-Fi captive portals are redirected locally within the access point. The necessary distributed control layer for roaming, security and other processes has also been created on site.

    SmartZone differs from the conventional controller primarily in terms of …

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