AP power warnings in Unleashed.

Beginning with release 200.8, the Unleashed dashboard displays warning icons when an AP is operating in reduced power mode.

Warning icons indicate an AP is operating in reduced power mode:

If a warning icon appears, click Show System Overview and locate the Power Consumption Mode entry. Refer to Power Limitations by PoE Mode and AP Model to see what limitations are in effect.

Show AP power consumption mode:

If power supply deficiency is caused by incorrect …

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What's new in Unleashed 200.9?

The beginning of September brought us an upgrade of Ruckus Unleashed software, version 200.9 will is available for download from Ruckus web..

What's new?

The most anticipated is the support for Ruckus's new Wi-Fi6 APs. 200.8 had R750, now the list is much longer:

R850, R750, R650, R550, T750, T750SE

Unleashed 200.9 has some UMM Support enhancements:

  • WebSocket Support
  • ICX Config Upgrade / Backup-Restore /
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    Guest access with social media sign in.

    Ruckus has extensive capabilities to authenticate users on guest networks via social media. For example in Unleashed you can use Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, WeChat for self sign in. Here's how to set it up.


    Unleashed > Create WLAN

    Click on Advanced at the bottom and you can choose which login options to use.

    Ruckus Cloud

    In Ruckus Cloud, start with 'Networks', 'Add Network'.Enter the desired name for the …

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    Unleashed 200.8 and 200.7 received updates that improve network speed.

    Unleashed 200.8 and 200.7 received a software update in June 2020 that removes some security vulnerabilities and improves download speeds on some client devices. supports following AP-s:

    Indoor AP:

    C110, H320, H510, M510, R310, R320, R500, R510, R600, R610, R710, R720.

    Outdoor AP:

    E510, T300, T300e, T301n, T301s, T310c, T310d, T310n, T310s, T610, T610s, T710, T710s.

    The following release builds can be directly online upgraded to Unleashed version …

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    Ruckus Unleashed soft 200.8 released in February 2020.

    In the February 2020, Ruckus released a new Unleashed soft 200.8.

    What new things can you do?

  • Manage Ruckuse ICX switche
  • Filter URLs in web traffic (requires license per AP)
  • WPA3 is supported
  • The first phase of GDPR can be implemented
  • Options have been added to the command line
  • Authorization with Google
  • Application recognition in traffic analysis
  • The 200.8 will also be able to increase the current max 50AP to …

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    Configuring Zero Touch Mesh on Ruckus Unleashed APs

    Ruckus Unleashed is a highly capable controller-free WiFi management platform that allows you to connect up to 50 Access Points and generate coverage for up to a thousand customers. In this post, we'll look at how to add an Unleashed network to an AP that isn't connected with a data cable, but communicates with other APs on the same network over the air, increasing network coverage to places where the …

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    Ruckus Unleashed network management

    Ruckus Unleashed is a very user-friendly product, both for the end user due to the excellent quality of WiFi and for the administrator who is responsible for network management and is responsible for what happens online.

    Ruckus Unleashed controller-free networks can be managed in many different ways. The first, most common method is to be connected to the same network and manage the network locally through a web browser.
    Another, …

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    3KGroup Wi-Fi and Internet at Metallica concert.

    3Kgroup OÜ was chosen as the organizer of Metallica Estonia concert organizing team and VIP guests' Internet services!

    Services included IP telephones, WiFi coverage in ENM premises and outdoor areas, and the creation of temporary wired sites. The area covered is large and in some cases it was not possible to transport the cable to the necessary places, so we also created point-to-point air links on site. Wifi APs used …

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    Ruckus UNLEASHED is a controller-free Wi-Fi network software that runs on most Ruckus Wi-Fi APs and allows you to manage up to 50 APs and 1,000 simultaneous clients on a single network.

    Unleashed toetab peaeagu kõiki Ruckus pääsupunkte.

    Be sure to check out our newsletter from technical support for some very handy tools for managing UNLEASHED. The Ruckus page also contains several articles on UNLEASHED administration tools.…

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    Unleashed AP first setup.

    Ruckus controller-free Wi-Fi Unleashed AP is very easy to set up. The initial setup on a mobile or computer only takes a few minutes. (UNLEASHED Wi-Fi network supports 50 APs and 1000 users)

    First, download the Ruckus Unleashed app from the App Store or Google Play. You can find the app here (Google Play) or here (App Store).

    Then launch the Ruckus Access Point, after which the AP creates a

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