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Ruckus Wi-Fi

Ruckuse võrguseadmed on kõrgtasemel inseneeria saavutus, mis mõeldud keskmistele ja suurematele ettevõtetele. 

Valikust leiate Wi-Fi seadmed, switchid ja vajalikud tarkvaralahendused

Plume Wi-Fi

Plume is the SDN based cloud managed open Wi-Fi system for small businesses and private users.

Wi-Fi and internet for large public events.

We use Ruckus Networks and other tested solutions to guarantee stress free internet for Wi-Fi, video streaming and other devices. The page is still in estonian, please use google translate.

Latest news

Here you will see our latest adittions.
Unleashed 200.13 replaces Zonedirector 1200 controller

Ruckus has released a new software called Unleashed 200.13, which is a controller and management software that works on Ruckus' regular Wi-Fi access points. Today's APs are already so fast that the R750 can now fully replace the ZoneDirector controller. As a result, the system can support up to 128 APs and up to 4000 Wi-Fi clients connected at the same time.

Dedicated controller AP is a new concept in …

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Ruckus Smartzone 6.1.1 supports large selection of end of life AP-s.

Ruckus Smartzone 6.1.1 has already received a new user interface for version 6.0, which systematizes the features accumulated over the years into a clearer selection, providing search and placing bookmarks on the desktop. Different menus can also be searched now.

The best update from 6.0 is also Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Microsoft social media-based login, now you don't need a separate server for that.

The biggest update is here !!! 6.1.1 …

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Ruckus R350 WiFi 6 2x2 MIMO AP

Ruckus R350 is 2x2 MIMO 23 dBm dual band 802.11ax AP working with 802.3af standard POE switches and injectors. It is ideal upgrade from older Wi-Fi 5/4 networks with better coverage and speed.

R350 supports MESH compared to old entry level Ruckus AP, it has also full support of BeamFlex+ dual polarized smart antenna with 64 configurations.

Thanks to newest chipset and Wi-Fi6 it is really suitable AP for office …

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Ruckus R760 Wi-Fi 6E 2/5/6 GHz Access Point

With the latest WiFi6E (802.11 ax) technology, the R760 is a three-radio 10 Gbps Ethernet interface AP.

All three radios of The RUCKUS R760 work simultaneously as 4x4:4 MIMO, if necessary, the 6 GHz radio can also be set to the 5 GHz frequency. AP supports 1300 clients simultaneously.

It is the first Ruckus AP with a 10 GBase-T copper ethernet PoE in port, so the data flows of all …

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3KGroup and Plume are inviting to a webinar!

How to be many steps ahead and future proof your internet service offering? Why now is a good time to start offering new value add to basic internet service? With the help of what innovative platform it is possible to offer internet services that adapt to the digitalization of society?

To answer these questions 3KGroup and Plume are organizing a joint webinar for Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communications service …

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Example use case of using L3 routing in Ruckus ICX switches.

Ruckuse switchides saab kasutada nii switchi kui ruuteri tarkvara, firmware nimetustes on alguse lühendis vahe näha SPS ja SPR vastavalt.

Ruckus ICX family has two separate firmwares, SPS for plain VLAN switch and SPR for routing with various routing protocols, like OSPF, RIP etc.

The simplest goal of a route/switch may be to divide a large network into two L2 separate networks and to create a DHCP service using a …

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Better POE testing know-how and service for our partners.

Other PoE+ articles in this site

Soetasime lisaks kahele Fluke Cable IQ testrile endale ka Fluke Networks MS-POE MicroScanner POE Cable Verifier testri , mis võimaldab 10 Gb/s juurs kuni 90W PoEh totiestandardite testimist testimist.

We have now Fluke Networks MS-POE MicroScanner POE Cable Verifier tester to provide better know-how and services to our reseller partners. The tester allows to test up to 10 Gb/s connections and PoE power …

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Ruckus H550 WiFi 6 - wall mounted AP + 5x1Gbps, PoE out , BLE+Zigbee integrated.

Ruckus H550 is wall mounted AP with internal Switch and 802.11ax, internal BLE,Zigbee standards. It has 4 (+1 uplink) gigabit ethernet ports to connect all local devices, like phones, TV-s, refrigerators. H500 series is designed for solutions where an AP is needed for each room anyway and if RJ45 wall socket exists, it is easy to replace with PoE powered H550 AP.

If H550 is powered with PoE+ adapter switch …

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