LTE enabled AP M510 setup on SmartZone.
LTE enabled AP M510 setup on SmartZone.
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With Ruckus M510 can create a Wi-Fi network that is able to connect to the Internet via a cellular network or a wired network and switches between those when needed. The AP can also work as an uplink for other Ruckus wireless or wired equipment.

Here's how to get the M510 Ruckus working with your SmartZone controller.

Pairing with SmartZone

It comes with standalone software and you can configure SmartZone ip by logging in with ssh and typing from cli:

set scg ip x.x.x.x

The controller ip can also be entered via the web interface or DHCP option 43.

WLAN setup

Now to the SmartZone side.

We create a new zone and wlan for the device, most of the settings are standard:

Some restrictions for traffic may be added, rate limiting, URL policy, etc:

Now you can move the device from 'Staging Zone' to the new zone.

Next come the settings for AP:

In the picture above, the APN fields are filled with Elisa and Telia SIM compatible settings. In real life we only had Elisa's card in the test.

In the following picture, the VLANs on the M510 Ethernet ports are configured to fit our test environment.

There was no need to change the rest of the sections.

DHCP/NAT Settings

The M510 also needs DHCP profile to share the Internet connection for users. NB! here the dot1q VLAN id is important.

Services & Profiles > DHCP & NAT > DHCP Pools (AP)

It can be turned on for a zone from the same subdivision:

With these settings the M510 was able to generate an SSID M510-test, distribute IPs from the range to the connected clients, preferred the connection to the wired network, and when it no longer provided internet, it switched over to the mobile network.

GPS support.

The M510 also comes with a GPS antenna that allows to display the location of a stationary of moving device on a map. Under the AP setup, there is a Coordinate Source to turn it on:

After a little wait the location will appear on the map below and similarly on the SmartZone Dashboard.

Sharing an uplink.

Other AP models can be deployed in addition to increase the coverage, leaving the NAT and DHCP provision to the M510. For added reliability, another M510 can be added in parallel.

Additional information for the AP:

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