When to choose a cloud? When local system?
When to choose a cloud? When local system?

A large enterprise solution means completely controlling and managing your system, one of its aims is stability and availability, as well as security. SmartZone management is a unique solution that allows the entire network of APs and switches to be checked and fine-tuned in a reasonable amount of time, until CLI scripts are run on the APs or all events are exported to an external database (Ruckus also has its own SmartZone Insight product). A complete REST API solution allows all operations to be performed without a web interface, which is often the only cost-effective solution for operators and large companies.

The cloud solution, on the other hand, is aimed more at the end user and the smaller business customer, who does not have time to delve into the intricacies of system operation, in which case willow innovations and administrative operations are often performed by the system manufacturer. This is a very good solution for a small system, as it is very easy to identify how the system is working properly. In a large system, it is no longer so easy, and rather updates are made in a controlled and partial manner. Ruckus' cloud solution itself is based on SmartZone software, so it is the only manufacturer in the world that was originally compatible with the cloud world, as Smartzone allows itself to manage 30,000 APs with a simple cluster solution. It is also not a small wi-fi cloud startup, which is on the market like mushrooms, they are bought and sold to big players, and their content development work is often only the development of a web interface, Wi-Fi innovation has not yet been found in cloud solutions. Mature cloud technology has come to a standstill for many classic Wi-Fi manufacturers and have had to buy a small cloud-based Wi-Fi company, even with the old Cisco. The result is very rudimentary systems whose deeper engineering does not go beyond the reliability and need of a small business. The main problem in these systems is the lack of openness, the level of all communication is the web interface, which is a big disadvantage for large companies.

For small business you can also check out the UNLEASHED solution.

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