The Pro IT portfolio includes very large Estonian customers, such as TalTech, Tallinn University, Omniva, Bolt, Transferwise. Also many large logistics companies, such as Smarten, Transit Center. Pro IT serves a very large part of the hotel industry and much more. The ProIT office is located at the Pärnu maantee viaduct, the former Äripäev house. ProIT is a very strong partner in warehousing and logistics, as well as in hotel and accommodation. Key specializations: Hospitality and IoT

Elisa Estonia is providing Wi-Fi solutions for its enterprise customers using Ruckus solutions.

The ATEA portfolio includes many large companies and a lot of knowledge for the integration of different IT systems and Wi-Fi.

Although PMR IT Consulting has only started a few years ago, Toomas Perillus' experience in the field has been very long. You can also find many Ruckus references on their website. Toomas is a very motivated and always honest and committed person.

Ruckus Partner BCS

Baltic Computer Systems (BCS) is one of the first IT companies in Estonia to have very strong customer relationships and trustworthy behavior. The integration of different systems is definitely one of the strengths of BCS.

Econet is a very responsive partner with a downtown office who has been working with Ruckus for over five years. Econet references include the Saue municipality IT network, the Estonian Open Air Museum, and Viimsi school.

Hansasoft solves hardware as well as software problems for business and private customers and builds computer networks.

Ruckus Partner OIXIO

OIXIO (previously MAX123 and Võrguvara) is a long-term supplier of IT solutions and systems and a provider of maintenance services.


Newbase offers our Bumbeelabs Wi-Fi based analytics software solutions, which allow you to better measure the activity of a trade or commercial space and analyze the feedback of example advertising campaigns.