Ruckus Analytics software enhanced with AI.
Ruckus Analytics software enhanced with AI.

Ruckus unveiled in March 2020 a new network analytics cloud software based on artificial intelligence, significantly reducing the time it takes to diagnose errors and solve problems. The system is able to monitor the emergence of various patterns and exclude the countless false positive alarms often generated by wireless networks. Typically network management software has focused on displaying data generated by logs and statistics, now it is enhanced with ability to automatically make the collection more detailed for the client or AP where a disturbance was detected and to prioritize only those alarms that require intervention.

Analytics is an ideal helper if the number of APs is > 100 and especially important when you are serving many clients in different locations. It is also a tool for assessing SLA levels and comparing indicators over a very long period of time.

Here's a screenshot of the software home page, which gives an overview of the incidents that have occurred in the network (up to the last 7 days), their severity (red ones are more critical) and they are graphically classified by different networks. You can also add more specific alarms or statistics to the overview via the Data Explorer section.

From left panel 'Analytics' > Health you can see more statistics oriented overview of network status.

Client Troubleshooting is a very useful tool right below to it - especially with historical data.

Ruckus has short demo videos for all the subsections on Youtube, here we offer a 3:28 long quick introduction to the main features.

Analytics is compatible with SmartZone and Ruckus Cloud management software.

Ruckus Analytics Data Sheet

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