Unleashed AP first setup.
Unleashed AP first setup.
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Ruckus controller-free Wi-Fi Unleashed AP is very easy to set up. The initial setup on a mobile or computer only takes a few minutes. (UNLEASHED Wi-Fi network supports 50 APs and 1000 users)

First, download the Ruckus Unleashed app from the App Store or Google Play. You can find the app here (Google Play) or here (App Store).

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Then launch the Ruckus Access Point, after which the AP creates a hotspot called Configure.Me - ###### to which you need to connect with your device.

This network is used as the initial setting of the device, and after creating the setting, the network is deleted.


Then choos the type of your network: "Typical Install" or "Gateway Install".

The main difference between the two types is how client devices obtain an IP address and connect to the network. A typical installation requires a DHCP server, usually a router, in addition to the AP.
In the Gateway configuration, the device itself acts as a DHCP server, which at the same time creates some restrictions.

Let's look at Gateway type configuration.

First, select the port through which the device is connected to the network and how the device receives an IP from that network. This IP can later be used to make additional settings.

The second step is to configure the IP range of the local network. Wifi customers can get IP from this range.
In addition, if the AP has two Ethernet ports, one of them can be used as a LAN port to add the next AP or another device, such as a network printer, file server, and the like.

The third step is to set the SSID of the Wifi network and preferably the password. It is also important to specify the country where the device is located.

The fourth step is to create an administrator user.

The last step is optional and involves adding password recovery data.

Now all you have to do is review and confirm the settings:

After that, the initial settings are created and the Wifi network is ready for use!

With the same Ruckus Unleashed application, you can also make additional settings for the network. The application recognizes that it is an Unleashed device and allows you to make a number of advanced settings using an administrator account.

Ruckuse loodud Unleashed setup demo video

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