SmartZone AP remote-cli and scripting.

There's a very useful function in SmartZone - you can ssh to any connected and online AP from SmartZone cli.

Example: executing one command:

Go to SmartZone cli through ssh, go to admin mode with 'ena' and give a command in following way:

remote ap-cli c8:03:f5:0E:06:c0 "get scg ip"

------ SCG Information ------ SCG Service is enabled. AP is managed by SCG. State: RUN_STATE Server List:, SSH tunnel connected…
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Ruckus SmartZone 5.2.1 adds new AP-s R550 and R850.

By the summer of 2020, SmartZone has received update 5.2.1, which includes the new WiFi6 AP-s R550, R850 and T750SE. There are other important additions as well. 5.2.1 can be upgraded directly from the following releases: 3.6.0, 3.6.1, 3.6.2, 5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2.

Switch management

• Remote CLI: Enables users to access the CLI session of the selected ICX switch directly from the SmartZone WEB UI. Users will be …

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Guest access with social media sign in.

Ruckus has extensive capabilities to authenticate users on guest networks via social media. For example in Unleashed you can use Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, WeChat for self sign in. Here's how to set it up.


Unleashed > Create WLAN

Click on Advanced at the bottom and you can choose which login options to use.

Ruckus Cloud

In Ruckus Cloud, start with 'Networks', 'Add Network'.Enter the desired name for the …

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Installing Virtual SmartZone with Linux KVM.

Virtual SmartZone can be installed on both VMWare and Linux KVM virtualization environments. The Linux layer gives the server more performance and here we describe how the command line installation process was performed on one piece of hardware from the start. First make sure that you enable CPU virtualization capability from the hardware BIOS. Other hardware requirements are min 13GB RAM, 2-4CPU, 100GB SSD.

Ruckus recommends CentOS 7 or later …

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First you need to start the SNMP agent in smartzone and set the community (password).

Now you need the MIB files ja SNMP OID documentation, wich is at the end of the post. Although today the ready-made SNMP tool is mostly used, this example is made under Linux to show the structure and performance of Smartzone MIB in more detail.

apt-get install snmp #copy the ruckus mibid to the correct…
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Virtual SmartZone 5.2 is out now and we tested WPA3 with it.

Virtual SmartZone has recently received an update 5.2, which allows among other things the introduction of WPA3. We tested and it worked, here's how to configure it.

WPA3 supports Wave2 APs such as R320, R510, R610, R710 and larger, the list can be viewed here.

We had to create a new zone for testing that would only include devices that support this update:

Wireless LANs -> Create Zone…

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ICX switch management with virtual SmartZone

Like all Ruckus Access Points, the Ruckus ICX switch can be managed using the Virtual SmartZone platform. In this post, we'll look at how to add an ICX switch to vSmartZone and what the management platform interfaces are.

Preparations on ICX

First, the firmware of the ICX switch must be updated to 08.0.90a- To update the switch, you must first download the software from, use the scp or tftp …

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Configuring Zero Touch Mesh with Virtual SmartZone

Mesh network

With Zero Touch Mesh, it is possible to expand your WiFi coverage without having to carry data cables. It is sufficient if the new Access Point is within range of an existing AP. Such a network is called a Mesh network, and the APs in the Mesh network communicate with each other over the air, not over cables.
It is possible to build Mesh networks only, as well …

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Virtual Smartzone Highscale setup

Here is a short video on how to install a Virtual Smartzone server from the beginning, an example is based on Hyper-V. Definitely not to forget the control NAT IP address, which is the external address of the control interface if the server is behind NAT, this can be done in the web and in the CLI:

vscg# config
vscg(config)# ip control-nat [NAX box public IP]
vscg(config)# end

In addition, it should be …

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The SmartZone platform allows the customer's SSID-based traffic to be tunneled into various systems, using Ruckus' own virtual machine-based tunneling devices, Ruckus physical tunnel concentrators and third-party devices.

For large customers, traffic tunneling is a very effective solution, for example, you do not need a router and firewall in every small store, these services can be created centrally. A solution is also needed by the telecom operator to maintain the …

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