SmartZone AP remote-cli and scripting.

There's a very useful function in SmartZone - you can ssh to any connected and online AP from SmartZone cli.

Example: executing one command:

Go to SmartZone cli through ssh, go to admin mode with 'ena' and give a command in following way:

remote ap-cli c8:03:f5:0E:06:c0 "get scg ip"

------ SCG Information ------ SCG Service is enabled. AP is managed by SCG. State: RUN_STATE Server List:, SSH tunnel connected…
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CommScope RUCKUS new IoT Specialization partner program.

CommScope is excited to announce the launch of our new IoT Technology Specialization, recognizing Solution Providers with expertise in selling, deploying and supporting RUCKUS IoT. This specialization can be added to your existing CommScope PartnerPRO Network level to showcase your abilities in delivering IoT solutions.

The RUCKUS IoT Technology Specialization offers benefits including a specialist badge, prioritized allocation of qualified IoT leads, proposal based MDF, and visibility on the partner …

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CommScope 2020 EMEA Virtual Roadshow! (2 x 3 hours on 25th and 26th November 2020)

Dear Valued CommScope – Ruckus Networks Value Add Distributor Partner!

We invite you to our CommScope 2020 EMEA Virtual Roadshow.

Industries are fast embracing a new era of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT) and other innovations that will impact all of our lives. With these new tools, enterprises are finding it harder, not easier, to evolve along with these new technologies.

Whether wired, Wi-Fi, cellular or …

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Client device doesn't support ChannelFly?

The ChannelFly dynamic channel management technology in Ruckus APs improves wireless performance by dynamically switching a client to a better channel when the one it’s using starts to degrade. Unfortunately not all client devices can understand Channel Switch Announcements (CSA) coming from AP and as the channel changes, they simply loose the connection and have to connect anew.

Beginning with SmartZone, it is possible to disable this feature from …

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ChannelFly Advanced Channel Selection in Ruckus APs

What it means:

The ChannelFly dynamic channel management technology in Ruckus APs improves wireless performance by dynamically switching a client to a better channel when the one it’s using starts to degrade.

Why you should care:

Most modern WLAN products can change a client’s channel when the one it’s using gets clogged with interference or too many devices. But there’s no point in switching channels unless you know the new …

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PoE power modes

PoE can come in many modes that mean different levels of power. Ruckus AP-s switch off some functionalities (usually IoT and USB) if the level is not maximum needed. Here's a table to describe what power levels there are and then what are the maximum levels needed by Ruckus's indoor WiFi6 AP-s.

.myrow { width: 100%; display: flex; flex-direction: row; justify-content: left; }

Ruckus R550 2x2 MU-MIMO

Recommended …

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Ruckus R850 WiFi6 AP (8x8:8 5GHz, 4x4:4 2.4GHz), PoH/uPoE/802.3at power.

The RUCKUS R850 is based on the latest WiFi standard, WiFi6, which bridges the performance gap from ‘gigabit’ WiFi to ‘multi-gigabit’ WiFi in support of the insatiable demand for better and faster WiFi.

The RUCKUS R850 is our highest capacity dual-band, dual-concurrent WiFi6 access point (AP) that supports 12 spatial streams (8x8:8 in 5GHz, 4x4:4 in 2.4GHz). The R850, with OFDMA, TWT and MU-MIMO capabilities, efficiently manages up to …

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New RUCKUS ICX 7550 series offers 2.5/5/10 GbE ports, 90W PoE and 100 Gbps uplinks.

CommScope announced on 20th of October its RUCKUS ICX 7550 enterprise campus switch series, a new collection of fixed form-factor, multigigabit Ethernet switches that powers simple, secure and scalable high-performance network underlays. As an edge switch, the ICX 7550 is ready to support any Wi-Fi 6, application or IoT device requirement. As a fiber-enabled aggregation/core switch, the ICX 7550 delivers industry-best port density and uplink capability. The new series is …

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Ruckus SmartZone 5.2.1 adds new AP-s R550 and R850.

By the summer of 2020, SmartZone has received update 5.2.1, which includes the new WiFi6 AP-s R550, R850 and T750SE. There are other important additions as well. 5.2.1 can be upgraded directly from the following releases: 3.6.0, 3.6.1, 3.6.2, 5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2.

Switch management

• Remote CLI: Enables users to access the CLI session of the selected ICX switch directly from the SmartZone WEB UI. Users will be …

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AP power warnings in Unleashed.

Beginning with release 200.8, the Unleashed dashboard displays warning icons when an AP is operating in reduced power mode.

Warning icons indicate an AP is operating in reduced power mode:

If a warning icon appears, click Show System Overview and locate the Power Consumption Mode entry. Refer to Power Limitations by PoE Mode and AP Model to see what limitations are in effect.

Show AP power consumption mode:

If power supply deficiency is caused by incorrect …

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