802.11ac MESH tests.

We conducted tests in our office to assess the capacity of the MESH network. To do this, we chose two Ruckus R610 APs, which we usually use to create a WiFi network at various events. You can read more about this AP here:

Mesh capability is available on all Ruckus APs except the 300 series APs.

For the test, we created a Mesh network between the two R610s, …

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MESH 6G: wireless interconnection of AP-s.

Although MESH connections have been in use since the second generation of Wi-Fi, it's only with the advent of the 6G 802.11ax standard has a new quality emerged. MESH connections are required for temporary networks or in cases where the cable network cannot be transported to all locations and it is necessary to expand the coverage area in just one part of the room, but the cabling work is complicated. …

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3K Wi-Fi Quality agent software

Problems in Wi-Fi and fixed networks are varied and assessing quality is becoming increasingly difficult as the size of the network grows. For example, when moving over a large area, the quality of the network can vary greatly, as does the load and the amount of interference over time. We have developed a solution that can be implemented quickly and is reliable and transparent.

Our solution is to install stationary …

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Ruckus Networks offers Intang Iris pre-sales support software.

Intang Iris is pre-sales planning software where it is easy to select all Ruckus devices and calculate prices and optimize the configuration. The software makes it easy to calculate the cost of the entire solution and also plan support and other licenses.

The software includes support for all Ruckus Wireless and Wired products, which makes planning significantly easier when it comes to large offerings and complex configurations. The Ruckus equipment …

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Yagna Ruckus heatmap planner.

In addition to Zoneplanner, Ruckus is offering a new solution based on Yagna Wi-Fi Planner, a web-based Wi-Fi network planning software. The advantage is definitely the constant updating of the software and the parameters and information of all Ruckus devices.

The product is priced very flexibly, according to the plans made per year, so if you only need to make 10 plans a year, it is also suitable for a …

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