Ruckus IOT Server

Praegune versioon IOT serverist on 1.8, see lisab oluliselt jägitavust ja analüütikat, ning parandab LoRa integreerimise võimalusi.

Connecting short-range ZigBee BLE LoRa devices over a large area has always been a headache, as so many different versions and protocols of the standard do not allow for efficient management and a reliable solution. The security of IoT devices has also been a headache.

The Ruckus IOT Suite allows you to connect …

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Ruckus IoT Server 1.4 is ready.

Ruckus IoT server has 1.4 software version, which we have also now tested in the 3K office. We conducted integration tests for Zigbee/BLE equipment from various IoT equipment manufacturers.

The IoT server is an interface between standard local IoT devices and the Internet. With the help of an IoT server, Ruckus Wi-Fi base stations become an IoT gateway network that is secure and easy to connect. If Ruckus Wi-Fi is …

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How will IoT change the current building automation market?

The purpose of IoT is not to bring device control from a traditional shape to a smartphone or Internet browser in the same way - it seems simple, but it is still a copy of the old automation architecture in a cheaper form.

There is also no program or software that can control the system under conditions suitable for all parties, but there is constant development, new ideas and user …

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Data exchange between Zabbix monitoring software and Ruckus IoT server tested.

Ruckus IoT software provides the ability to connect four wireless standard IoT devices to Ruckus Wi-Fi APs. The standards are BLE, Zigbee, LoRa and of course Wi-Fi.

This week we tested the compatibility between the Zabbix monitoring software and the Ruckus IoT, we recorded the data for a few days from a Zigbee 3.0 sensor.

Zabbix allows alarms and monitoring to be brought to the management of an IT department …

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Ruckus IOT Server v.1.5 supports now Zigbee, BLE and LoRa.

Ruckus IoT server has reached software version 1.5 (version 1.4 news), which is currently the most versatile IoT convergence environment on the market. The IoT server allows you to connect a wide variety of wireless IoT devices to your Ruckus Wi-Fi AP devices: lamps, water thermostats, temperature sensors, water meters, e-cigarette detectors and tens of thousands more. Most of these devices meet the standards (ZigBee, LoRa, BLE), they …

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