What can you do with Ruckus Cloud?

Ruckus Cloud is a cloud-based Wi-Fi network management tool with AP-based licensing and maintenance fees. European users can choose EU based cloud to keep data in the EU. The Cloud is suitable for users who need to manage networks in multiple locations, such as restaurant chain, and who do not want to set up and manage their Wi-Fi network controller. Instead, you can log in to the web environment or …

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Ruckus cloud management.

Ruckus cloud allows you to manage almost all Ruckus devices, the cloud service is open in Europe and America as separate regions. Ruckus devices are not made separately for the cloud system, as many other manufacturers, the hardware used is the same as for Unleashed and SmartZone management and control software. So you can start with a small unleashed free management software, later switch to a cloud system or …

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How to securely connect a large number of client devices to your wired and Wi-Fi network? Cloudpath is a very secure solution here. In today's world, there is often no secure company intranet, work is done from home, waiting for a plane at the airport, etc., in essence, everywhere it is a matter of foreign devices. At the same time, it still makes sense to create a more secure solution …

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Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi management.

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is a cloud-based Management-as-a-Service solution that allows, companies with limited IT staff to easily set up, manage, and monitor high-end high-performance WLANs that can be physically located in multiple locations.

To do this, simply select the appropriate Access Points (APs) from Ruckus' extensive product range, and with these APs join the cloud management system for 1, 3 or 5 years. Product support for APs is included with …

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Ruckus Analytics software enhanced with AI.

Ruckus unveiled in March 2020 a new network analytics cloud software based on artificial intelligence, significantly reducing the time it takes to diagnose errors and solve problems. The system is able to monitor the emergence of various patterns and exclude the countless false positive alarms often generated by wireless networks. Typically network management software has focused on displaying data generated by logs and statistics, now it is enhanced with ability …

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