Example use case of using L3 routing in Ruckus ICX switches.

Ruckuse switchides saab kasutada nii switchi kui ruuteri tarkvara, firmware nimetustes on alguse lühendis vahe näha SPS ja SPR vastavalt.

Ruckus ICX family has two separate firmwares, SPS for plain VLAN switch and SPR for routing with various routing protocols, like OSPF, RIP etc.

The simplest goal of a route/switch may be to divide a large network into two L2 separate networks and to create a DHCP service using a …

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SmartZone AP remote-cli and scripting.

There's a very useful function in SmartZone - you can ssh to any connected and online AP from SmartZone cli.

Example: executing one command:

Go to SmartZone cli through ssh, go to admin mode with 'ena' and give a command in following way:

remote ap-cli c8:03:f5:0E:06:c0 "get scg ip"

------ SCG Information ------ SCG Service is enabled. AP is managed by SCG. State: RUN_STATE Server List:, SSH tunnel connected…
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CommScope RUCKUS new IoT Specialization partner program.

CommScope is excited to announce the launch of our new IoT Technology Specialization, recognizing Solution Providers with expertise in selling, deploying and supporting RUCKUS IoT. This specialization can be added to your existing CommScope PartnerPRO Network level to showcase your abilities in delivering IoT solutions.

The RUCKUS IoT Technology Specialization offers benefits including a specialist badge, prioritized allocation of qualified IoT leads, proposal based MDF, and visibility on the partner …

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CommScope 2020 EMEA Virtual Roadshow! (2 x 3 hours on 25th and 26th November 2020)

Dear Valued CommScope – Ruckus Networks Value Add Distributor Partner!

We invite you to our CommScope 2020 EMEA Virtual Roadshow.

Industries are fast embracing a new era of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT) and other innovations that will impact all of our lives. With these new tools, enterprises are finding it harder, not easier, to evolve along with these new technologies.

Whether wired, Wi-Fi, cellular or …

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Ruckus Wi-Fi on Latitude59 2020 conference

Latitude59 is the event in Estonia for discovering startups, meeting investors and getting exposed to the world.

This year it took place at 27-28th of August again in Kultuurikatel in Tallinn, its opening speach made by Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid who, as many others, expressed the importance of meeting in person at an event like that. Though, the precautions were in place to minimize spreading disease. And this year, many could …

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What's new in Unleashed 200.9?

The beginning of September brought us an upgrade of Ruckus Unleashed software, version 200.9 will is available for download from Ruckus web..

What's new?

The most anticipated is the support for Ruckus's new Wi-Fi6 APs. 200.8 had R750, now the list is much longer:

R850, R750, R650, R550, T750, T750SE

Unleashed 200.9 has some UMM Support enhancements:

  • WebSocket Support
  • ICX Config Upgrade / Backup-Restore /
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    Virtual SmartZone 5.2 is out now and we tested WPA3 with it.

    Virtual SmartZone has recently received an update 5.2, which allows among other things the introduction of WPA3. We tested and it worked, here's how to configure it.

    WPA3 supports Wave2 APs such as R320, R510, R610, R710 and larger, the list can be viewed here.

    We had to create a new zone for testing that would only include devices that support this update:

    Wireless LANs -> Create Zone…

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    R730 802.11ax Wi-Fi Samsung S10 speed 1Gb/s

    We performed a speed test on the R730 802.11ax AP and Samsung S10 using the Ruckus Speedflex App. Uplink speeds are in the 1Gbps class and downloads remain in the 400-500 Mb / s class, this difference is due to the phone's ability to handle high speeds. It is probable that such speeds have never been tested at the manufacturer.

    SpeedFlex live test in 3k office Tallinn

    The R730 is …

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    Robotex 2019 Saku Suurhall.

    Robotex 2019 has started with the support of Ruckus Networks Wi-Fi solution, this time the coverage area has been built in Saku Suurhall, where we use Ruckus R720 and R610 high performance APs.

    The system is managed using Ruckus Smartzone Hightscale and the Zabbix SZ SNMP extension has been added for monitoring.

    Ruckus and 3K Group have supported the event from the very beginning, it is also an opportunity for …

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    Ruckus R320 Wave 2 2x2:2WiFi AP

    The R320 is a great choice for small businesses if you need a stable Wi-Fi connection, for example in a café or an office with a few dozen employees. It is mainly used with UNLEASHED software, which allows you to manage up to 50 Ruckus APs without a controller, you can also add switch management.

    The R320 is also suitable for small educational institutions and home use. See also Ruckus …

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