Ruckus Smartzone 6.1.1 supports large selection of end of life AP-s.

Ruckus Smartzone 6.1.1 has already received a new user interface for version 6.0, which systematizes the features accumulated over the years into a clearer selection, providing search and placing bookmarks […]

Unleashed 200.13 replaces Zonedirector 1200 controller

Ruckus has released a new software called Unleashed 200.13, which is a controller and management software that works on Ruckus' regular Wi-Fi access points. Today's APs are already so fast […]

3KGroup and Plume are inviting to a webinar!

How to be many steps ahead and future proof your internet service offering? Why now is a good time to start offering new value add to basic internet service? With […]

Intelligent Wi-Fi services platform by Plume and 3KGroup

Spring is a great time for new beginnings. We are happy to announce that 3K Group has joined hands with truly innovative company Plume Design, Inc!In addition to the long-standing […]

Ruckus IOT Server v.1.5 supports now Zigbee, BLE and LoRa.

Ruckus IoT server has reached software version 1.5 (version 1.4 news), which is currently the most versatile IoT convergence environment on the market. The IoT server allows you to connect […]

Ruckus IOT Server

Praegune versioon IOT serverist on 1.8, see lisab oluliselt jägitavust ja analüütikat, ning parandab LoRa integreerimise võimalusi. Connecting short-range ZigBee BLE LoRa devices over a large area has always been […]

Example use case of using L3 routing in Ruckus ICX switches.

Ruckuse switchides saab kasutada nii switchi kui ruuteri tarkvara, firmware nimetustes on alguse lühendis vahe näha SPS ja SPR vastavalt. Ruckus ICX family has two separate firmwares, SPS for plain […]

Better POE testing know-how and service for our partners.

Other PoE+ articles in this site Soetasime lisaks kahele Fluke Cable IQ testrile endale ka Fluke Networks MS-POE MicroScanner POE Cable Verifier testri , mis võimaldab 10 Gb/s juurs […]

PoE power modes

Ruckus R550 2x2 MU-MIMO Ruckus R650 4x4 MU-MIMO Ruckus R720 4x4 MU-MIMO Ruckus R730 8x8 MU-MIMO Ruckus R750 4x4 MU-MIMO Ruckus R850 8x8 MU-MIMO ICX switch PoE capabilities PoE can […]

SmartZone AP remote-cli and scripting.

There's a very useful function in SmartZone - you can ssh to any connected and online AP from SmartZone cli. Example: executing one command: Go to SmartZone cli through ssh, […]

CommScope RUCKUS new IoT Specialization partner program.

CommScope is excited to announce the launch of our new IoT Technology Specialization, recognizing Solution Providers with expertise in selling, deploying and supporting RUCKUS IoT. This specialization can be added to your existing CommScope […]

CommScope 2020 EMEA Virtual Roadshow! (2 x 3 hours on 25th and 26th November 2020)

Dear Valued CommScope – Ruckus Networks Value Add Distributor Partner! We invite you to our CommScope 2020 EMEA Virtual Roadshow. Industries are fast embracing a new era of robotics, artificial […]

Client device doesn't support ChannelFly?

The ChannelFly dynamic channel management technology in Ruckus APs improves wireless performance by dynamically switching a client to a better channel when the one it’s using starts to degrade. Unfortunately […]

What is Ruckus BeamFlex+ ?

Why are there interferences on the Wi-Fi network and where do they come from? Ruckus Wireless BeamFlex + smart antenna technology!Guided directional antenna, what is it?Much more coverage and speed and […]

ICX 8p switch PoE capability tested.

The power consumption described in the equipment specifications must be taken into account when designing the networks, as some of the required functions will be lost when the equipment is […]

Ruckus ICX switch setup.

First, we connect to the ICX switch through the console. We make the physical connection with a standard USB cable with a USB-C connector on the switch side, the same cable used to charge newer phones.

ICX switch management with virtual SmartZone

In this post, we'll look at how to add an ICX switch to vSmartZone and what the management platform interfaces are.

Ruckus SmartZone 5.2.1 adds new AP-s R550 and R850.

Switch management802.11ax AP StatisticsZAPd EnhancementLegacy Safe ImplementationMulticast Rate Limit for WiFi6 APsL2 ACL Wired SupportMesh on 2.4GHz and 5GHz160MHz support on WiFi6 APs By the summer of 2020, SmartZone has […]

AP power warnings in Unleashed.

Beginning with release 200.8, the Unleashed dashboard displays warning icons when an AP is operating in reduced power mode. Warning icons indicate an AP is operating in reduced power mode: […]

Easy and nonintrusive way to install a mast on a roof.

Maintaining the integrity of the exterior of buildings is often a concern when installing Wi-Fi devices on them. We offer an example with which a mast with a pipe of […]

LTE enabled AP M510 setup on SmartZone.

With Ruckus M510 can create a Wi-Fi network that is able to connect to the Internet via a cellular network or a wired network and switches between those when needed. […]

Virtual SmartZone 5.2 is out now and we tested WPA3 with it.

Virtual SmartZone has recently received an update 5.2, which allows among other things the introduction of WPA3. We tested and it worked, here's how to configure it.

Industry Impact award winner: Ruckus CommScope

Wi-Fi Alliance® welcomes 2020 honorees into our Wi-Fi Alliance Hall of Fame. This series highlights the companies and individuals who have brought invaluable contributions to the Wi-Fi® industry, and have demonstrated extraordinary commitment […]

What's new in Unleashed 200.9?

The beginning of September brought us an upgrade of Ruckus Unleashed software, version 200.9 will is available for download from Ruckus web.. What's new? The most anticipated is the support […]

Ruckus Wi-Fi on Latitude59 2020 conference

Latitude59 is the event in Estonia for discovering startups, meeting investors and getting exposed to the world. This year it took place at 27-28th of August again in Kultuurikatel in Tallinn, […]

What can you do with Ruckus Cloud?

Ruckus Cloud is a cloud-based Wi-Fi network management tool with AP-based licensing and maintenance fees. European users can choose EU based cloud to keep data in the EU. The Cloud […]

What is an universal AP?

The same physical AP has 4 management platforms, free Unleashed up to 128 AP-s, controller, cloud and Smartzone with up to 30000 AP-s. Ruckus takes pride in protecting client's investments […]

Installing Virtual SmartZone with Linux KVM.

Virtual SmartZone can be installed on both VMWare and Linux KVM virtualization environments. The Linux layer gives the server more performance and here we describe how the command line installation […]

Guest access with social media sign in.

Ruckus has extensive capabilities to authenticate users on guest networks via social media. For example in Unleashed you can use Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, WeChat for self sign in. Here's […]

Unleashed 200.8 and 200.7 received updates that improve network speed.

Unleashed 200.8 and 200.7 received a software update in June 2020 that removes some security vulnerabilities and improves download speeds on some client devices. supports following AP-s: Indoor AP: […]

You can get 1Gbps with radio links!

Due to the Covid19 situation and working from home, it is increasingly important for people to have high-speed internet at home even in remote locations. In most cases, if the […]

Ruckus UNLEASHED captive portal.

Ruckus UNLEASHED software enables a wide variety of centrally managed guest login methods for small and medium-sized businesses, with support for different guest passwords and social media. However, it is […]

ZoneDirector and Unleashed security vulnerabilities.

A number of security vulnerabilities are found on the ZoneDirector and Unleashed product lines. Please upgrade.

VoWiFi Voice Over Wi-Fi

Voice over WiFiWhy to use?International roaming!Does Wi-Fi have enough resources?How to use?How to configure Ruckus SmartZones VoWiFi.What does adding VoWiFi profile for a Wi-Fi network enhance? Voice over WiFi As […]

Configuring Ruckuse ICX 7150 LAG ports.

Ruckus ICX switches support port aggregation, suitable configuration commands include: ICX7150-24 Switch#configure terminal ICX7150-24 Switch(config)#lag esimene dynamic id 1 ICX7150-24 Switch(config-lag-esimene)#ports ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/2 ICX7150-24 Switch(config-lag-esimene)#exit ICX7150-24 Switch# write […]

Ruckus released Unleashed software 200.8.

In January 2020, a new Unleashed software update 200.8 was released. In addition to the new features described here, some special features are now revealed: The following 802.11ac Wave1 APs […]

Wi-Fi roaming protocols.

Wi-Fi roaming means moving from one customer's base station to another in the territory and maintaining a connection during the base station switching process. Thus, the term is slightly different […]

Data exchange between Zabbix monitoring software and Ruckus IoT server tested.

Ruckus IoT software provides the ability to connect four wireless standard IoT devices to Ruckus Wi-Fi APs. The standards are BLE, Zigbee, LoRa and of course Wi-Fi. This week we […]

16m M400 aluminum mast installation in Estonia

Before the autumn storms, a 16m high mast was installed in the port of Ruhnu, the mast solution produced by Aerial OY is very light, about 5 Kg/m, and it […]

Comparison of WiFi 6 802.11ax and WiFi 802.11ac in real life.

Our testOur equipmentResultsR750 conference room, 2m from APR750 desk 15m behind slight wall.R750 at about 30m distance.At about 30m through thick walls. We wanted to see with our own eyes […]

3K Wi-Fi Quality agent software

Problems in Wi-Fi and fixed networks are varied and assessing quality is becoming increasingly difficult as the size of the network grows. For example, when moving over a large area, […]

IoT device integration service.

Most standards-compliant wireless IoT devices can be connected to the Ruckus IoT solution. Some devices also have plug-ins for servers that use some vendor-specific features. 3kgroup helps partners do process […]

How will IoT change the current building automation market?

The purpose of IoT is not to bring device control from a traditional shape to a smartphone or Internet browser in the same way - it seems simple, but it […]

Why prefer an airtime busy graph in spectrum analysis.

Virtual Smartone allows you to perform spectrum analysis of all APs (Troubleshooting menu), regardless of the location of the APs. In addition to spectrum analysis, the client's 802.11 protocol behavior […]

MESH 6G: wireless interconnection of AP-s.

Although MESH connections have been in use since the second generation of Wi-Fi, it's only with the advent of the 6G 802.11ax standard has a new quality emerged. MESH connections […]

Ruckus IoT Server 1.4 is ready.

Ruckus IoT server has 1.4 software version, which we have also now tested in the 3K office. We conducted integration tests for Zigbee/BLE equipment from various IoT equipment manufacturers. The […]

802.11ac MESH tests.

We conducted tests in our office to assess the capacity of the MESH network. To do this, we chose two Ruckus R610 APs, which we usually use to create a […]

Warranty and support for Ruckus products.

Many Ruckus products come with a term "Limited Lifetime Warranty". In this post, we'll talk more about what exactly it is, what are the restrictions and what the law is. […]

ZoneFlex R610 80.11ac W2 test

The R610 is the second most popular Ruckus AP in Estonia and is suitable for larger companies and Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces. It is a 3: 3x3 MIMO device with a very precise BeamFlex + controllable directional antenna solution.

Unleashed AP first setup.

Ruckus controller-free Wi-Fi Unleashed AP is very easy to set up. The initial setup on a mobile or computer only takes a few minutes. (UNLEASHED Wi-Fi network supports 50 APs and 1000 users).

R730 802.11ax Wi-Fi Samsung S10 speed 1Gb/s

We performed a speed test on the R730 802.11ax AP and Samsung S10 using the Ruckus Speedflex App. Uplink speeds are in the 1Gbps class and downloads remain in the 400-500 Mbps class

Captive Portal option.

3KGroup offers a very convenient Captive Portal solution for companies, where the user is automatically directed to the company's website or some other desired address by logging in to WiFi.


First you need to start the SNMP agent in smartzone and set the community (password). Now you need the MIB files ja SNMP OID documentation, wich is at the end […]


Ruckcast started on February 2020. The Ruckus products education team brings you interesting topics with a wide range of guests to sit down and discuss all things that make up […]

Configuring Zero Touch Mesh on Ruckus Unleashed APs

Ruckus Unleashed is a highly capable controller-free WiFi management platform that allows you to connect up to 50 Access Points and generate coverage for up to a thousand customers. In […]